I was new to adulting! Eighteen years old. Looking for a new start on my own. I joined the military along side with Pat Tillman signing with the same recruiter. As luck would have it, was sent overseas and that’s where my passion for photography was born. In a war zone. Going out on patrols, it wasn't just my weapons I was armed with. I was armed with a camera as well. My love for photography grew equally with my hate for war.  I looked to my new love of photography as an escape from the chaos. Being surrounded by that much death numbs the human soul. But the camera gave me hope, it made me feel human.  
     From shooting bullets to shooting film. I started to feel like a human again. When I returned home from my second trip from overseas my love for photography had turned into a full blown passion. I saw photography as my escape and my self peace from the rough life I endured over the seven years of my service. When leaving the military, fashion already caught my attention by then. So I then decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue my career, little knowing that my success was really waiting for me a few years later in New York City.
     Being self taught is great, but still struggled with having a career in Los Angeles. So I decided to go to school to see what I missed. After going to school and bumping into Celebrity Photographer Russel James. With his words of wisdom. It dawned on me I would have more success and opportunities in New York City as a fashion photographer. That was the motivation I needed to hear. Thanks Russell James. So I did what I had to do and moved to New York City in 2014. And let me tell you, New York City has been amazing! Adventures on a daily basis here. 
     And within that time, I have been able to work with Celebrity Art Director Erica Pelosini. Celebrity Designer Brian Atwood and opportunity photographing  the lovely Rachel Zoe. Super Models Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford and Nina Agdal to name a few. Shooting with brands like Balmain, Tom Ford, Bentley and others. But it was recently through suggestion of Erica Pelosini that I pursue film. So I did. 
     I started in 2019 with cinematography, it is amazing! Loving every minute of it! Directing, screen writing, being a Director of Photography just upgraded my passion and love for film. And I can’t get enough! I wake up, eat, and sleep film! Couldn't ask for a better career, because its never work! I get to do what I love and thats the best feeling in the world anyone could ask for! 

Stevie Ray currently works with accomplished clients. As a Fine Art / Fashion Photographer. To book a shoot with him, please go to the contact page with further questions.

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