About Me
StevieRay fell in love with photography during the middle of the Iraq war in 2005. When returning to the United States in late 2006, he decided to pursue a career in the fashion industry after being inspired through the works of Russell James and Ellen Von Unwerth. Being self taught, and a few years later getting a B.A. in photography; StevieRay submersed himself in studying the “how to”. He tries to let people see a deeper meaning then the average cliche images that we are saturated with on a day to day basis. StevieRay works in New York City as a successful, passionate, modern, fine art, fashion photographer.”


StevieRay works in a variety of areas.

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Art Director


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Director of Photography

StevieRay currently works with accomplished clients. As a Fine Art / Fashion Photographer, he offers a high quality service based on the selections mentioned above. To book a shoot with him, please go to the contact page with further questions.

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