Learn to Recognize when a Brand Indirectly calls you stupid!

Hey guys,

Hope all of you are doing well. Something that has come to my attention recently that really bothers me. And that is the current Artist, Models, and young self started business owners. Are being approached by recognized brands asking for free content through instagram. 

 These Brands go from Calvin Klein all the way to 7-eleven. They see something they like on your IG feed then they write you a “ass kissing message” to hype you up about your content then use manipulative wording expecting you to give away your content for free. 7-eleven even has a fake agreement they give you through instagram saying just reply “yes” and that means you agree to the illegal agreement.

As a content creator when it comes to signing agreements. It has to be in your handwriting and video taped you signing it to be valid in a court of law. All agreements are NEGOTIABLE!  

Calvin Klein has approached someone I know, hyped her up to come to a photo studio. Of course my associate was excited thinking she was going to get hired for her modeling skills. The woman she met up with at Calvin Klein showed her around, gave a tour. Then they approached a photo setup and the woman asked my associate to take a few pics with some Calvin Klein clothes on. My associate isn’t stupid. She made it known that she needs to be financially compensated. Just because she represents herself on Instagram doesn’t mean Calvin Klein can take advantage of her. I am glad she stood up for herself.  I have also heard similar stories about Nike. 

The thing is brands think they can manipulate the talent that are self-represented so they can avoid paying them. Please be aware and stand your ground. Let them know if the check isn’t in the thousands and up, it’s not going to happen. So y’all be safe out there! And Make That MONEY!! 

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